Friday, April 21, 2017

Vienna Turns 7!

Even though I'm still trying to catch up from November of 2016, I really wanted to document Vienna's 7th B-day while still in April. I am feeling the daunting task of trying to catch up is scaring me and so baby steps are better than nothing. This year is friend party year! We are going to alternate.

On April 2nd our sweet little one and only lady turned 7!!!!
I'm not sure why but 7 seems so much older and more mature than 6. It's killing both Mike and I as we think back on those days when she thought she was a princess and dressed like one everyday. Carried around her mini princesses everywhere and blew kisses to the princesses in the parade like they were truly Repunzel or Belle or Elsa & Anna. We are SO grateful for our sweet girl and she is still VERY MUCH a girly girl with wanting to be fancy and wearing a skirt or dress to school everyday, its still different. She hasn't even noticed that I packed up her mini prioresses for her to one day give to her little girl or her other little girl items I just can't part with. She is now watching Harry Potter and writing stories. I love all the growing up stages, but I want them to last longer. It's hard to imagine we won't have another little princess...we do however have many super heroes to come!

For her party we did a Sundae Bar with lots of toppings and then a mother daughter, evening Pajama SPArty. It was such a blast! Here are some pictures!

We started with pedicures then makeovers and ended with facials, we each did it on each other and the Mom's would do it first to kind of teach the kids along the way, what to do.
She did my makeup great, the facials were my favorite, that last picture is our zombie face, lol.
Their Spa Baskets
Putting on the avocado mud mask was so fun!
I just love this picture and there was beautiful spa music playing and the Mommy's all looked the same but were on the couches.

She was lucky to get some fun gifts
Then she used her spa mask to go to sleep that night!

The next day, on her actual Birthday, Steve and Tiki were in town with their kids for a Spring break visit and came over for lunch and some play time! They hung out the day before and went to the Mobius Children's Museum, while I got the house ready for the party. They were kind enough to give her a bike basket and bell, which has been an absolute must on all our bike rides. It was so fun for her to see her cousins and then to top it off, Grandma and Grandpa showed up shortly after Stiki and kids left. From them she got a rice krispie bouquet of flowers, some piano books and 2 barbie dolls of Pocahontas and Mulan. We had a fun visit with them and got to go on a bike ride with them to show off her new wheels. 

 because we didn't do cake with her friends, her Daddy wanted to do a cake for her and asked her what she wanted. She drew a picture of a 4 level cake that was purple with red flowers and I think her Daddy did a great job, for not being a baker. It was delcious and layered vanilla, chocolate, vanilla, chocolate.

 She woke up to this, Sunday morning after her Birthday.

her new helmet 
 Mobius kids - I love these pictures!! Thank you Tiki!
We were grateful to celebrate her, especially w/o celebrating Easter at the same time, as we will always share her with General Conference, it helps when its not all 3 in the same day!

We love you to pieces Vienna!

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